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Backend development

When unplanned tasks hit and your team's at capacity, it's easy to drop the ball. Our Backend Development service is your safety net. We build robust, scalable microservices that integrate smoothly, so you can handle the unexpected without missing a beat.

Custom Microservices.
Our tailored microservices slot into your system, turning sudden challenges into smooth operations without overloading your team..
API integration.
Connect and extend your system with essential services. We integrate APIs seamlessly, turning isolated operations into a unified, efficient workflow.
Our development is infrastructure agnostic and makes moving to the cloud simple. With Docker, your application is packaged and ready to hit the cloud running, ensuring you're prepared for any scale of operation.
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Get a new hand.
Get a new software developer.

Pricing for different needs

For scoped projects and budgets


Starting at


Production ready Docker images and compose files for running containers anywhere.

  • Image size optimization.
  • Dockerfile & docker-compose.yml.
  • Scripts.

Service development

Starting at


Develop a scalable well-defined service to integrate in your infrastructure.

  • API integration.
  • Database.
  • Deployment.
  • Feedback loops.

For open and long term projects

Essential partnership

Starting at

$2,000 /month

Get an extra hand for a long term project.

  • Service and requirements definition.
  • MVP development.
  • Unlimited iterations.
  • Deployment assistance.
  • Async comunication: response within 2 days.

How I work

Three steps

All projects follow these three basic steps. We keep comunicated asynchronously, no need of meetings and headaches.

Analyze needs and requirements

We do some loops to define the needs and technical requirements of your request.

Develop and iterate

I develop the solution and iterate with you to make sure it fits your needs. We start with an MVP and then we refine.

Launch and support

When you feel ready we launch to production, share deliverables and I support you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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